Apex Legends is getting a new Solo Mode on 9th March

Apex Legends

Apex Legends gained a lot of popularity since its release and has been competing with other massively multiplayer online games(MMO) and shooters.

Apex legends is finally getting a solo mode after a long time of waiting, many of the players were requesting for this solo queue and it is finally arriving in the game as it releases on Nintendo Switch.

It’s not exactly what it sounds like because this solo mode which is arriving in the game isn’t a proper solo mode, it is rather a solo vs squad mode where you can join a game in solo but you may face duo and trio in the game.

New Cosmetics And Feature Coming to Apex Legends

There will be a new Collection event on the day when apex legends will be launched on Nintendo Switch on 9th March. Starting from 9th March, the Chaos Theory Collection Event will last until 23rd March. This event will come with a bunch of new cosmetics, a playlist called the Ring Fury, and a Caustic Town Takeover. 

Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts recently revealed that the event will come with a No fill toggle, by turning this on Apex will know that you don’t want random matchmaking to happen and you don’t want your team to be filled with strangers.

If you turn on this toggle before starting a match, you will be the only one in your team and you can play solo if you want or you can even practice alone.

The Chaos Theory Collection Event will have loads of free earnable items and cosmetics which will have an orange and brown theme. You can earn up to 1000 points each day through challenges that refresh daily and stretch challenges that give out unique badges if completed during the event.

Alongside the free items and cosmetics, there will also be some premium skins that you can buy with either Apex Coins or Crafting Metals. You can also purchase Event Apex Packs to get your hands on these premium skins.

New Game Mode

The Ring Fury playlist is a new game mode coming to the game which follows the basic battle royale rules with new additions such as, each round one or two ring flares will appear within the arena creating a bunch of slowly expanding rings which you will have to avoid during the match, if you touch any of these rings you will receive damage.

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