Apex Legends 1.56 Patch Notes – Fixed Freezing & Crashing

Apex Legends is one of the most popular first-person shooters and unarguably one of the best FPS games too. Apex Legends is developed by Respawn Entertainment, and it was released roughly two years ago and became a hot topic of discussion.

The Official 1.56 Patch Notes are out now and have a lot of major changes. Although this doesn’t bring anything new to the game, Players have been facing a handful of issues while playing the game, so hopefully, this patch will fix all of those issues.

Fixed Freezing Issues And Crashing

Freezing or crashing in the middle of a game is undoubtedly one of the worst nightmares. This is what players have been experiencing in Apex Legends on a daily basis. The game had a lot of other issues and bugs as well but this was one of the most horrible to face for the players.

Although the exact issue was never revealed, players can now play the game without freezing or crashing in the middle of the game. The fix of the freezing and the crashing issue was the biggest relief in the while patch.

Fixed Steam Chat Issues

The steam version of the game was suffering from chat issues both in what you type and what you speak and players were facing a lot of problems because of that. This issue has been fixed in this patch and now the steam version is working just fine.

Apex Legends: Official Patch Notes

We don’t have the full official patch notes yet but Respawn provided with a piece of brief information about what has been fixed and this patch also improved the overall stability of the game.

You can see the official tweet from Respawn about the patch below. Hopefully, we will get new updates and more changes in the near future.

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