Brawl Stars Crossed 1 Billion Dollars in Net Revenue

After being launched in 2018 Brawl Stars gained popularity after players started sharing content and now it crossed 1 Billion USD in revenue.

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Brawl Stars recently crossed a total of 1 billion dollars in net revenue and now has officially become the 4th supercell game to cross this milestone.

Brawl Stars was globally released roughly around 2 years ago in December 2018 after being in beta for a year and a half.

After the release in 2018, Brawl Stars became the 5th official game of supercell, although 2 more games were released in beta by supercell they were shut down because of an underwhelming response, They were Rush Wars and Hay Day Pop. 

The game became popular in an instant and many Clash of Clans and Clash Royale creators started uploading brawl stars content after its release.

Brawl Stars was started in 2017 as a beta version and was named project laser in the starting days.

The game was originally planned to be space-themed but as the game progressed it was changed and Supercell revealed that Brawl Stars is actually a theme park in brawl talk released in September 2020.

Recently Brawl Stars crossed a total of 1 billion dollars and now has officially become the 4th supercell game to cross this milestone. The first three were Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, and Hay Day.

Brawl Stars gained a lot of revenue in 2020 estimating over 526 million dollars. This massive number is supported by its release in China in June 2020 and Chinese players already spent over 100 million dollars in 2020 and it makes china the third-best country for brawl stars in the terms of revenue generation while the United States is in 1st position with over 143 million dollars and South Korea in 2nd place with a total of over 138 million dollars.

Brawl Stars has been downloaded over 265 million times worldwide and Russia holds the 1st position for the majority of the downloads and that calculates around 40 million downloads just from Russia.

Brazil is in 2nd place with over 24 million downloads and turkey comes in 3rd place with over 19 million downloads, which made this game so popular just in some years.

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