Brawl Stars Server Crash and New March Update Patch Notes – March 15

Brawl Stars update just dropped and here are the full patch notes with loads of info we didn't get to know from the brawl talk including some new balance changes

Brawl Stars New March Update Patch Notes

The Brawl Stars update dropped a few hours ago and because of the free brawler available at 10,000 trophies, the servers of brawl stars crashed and many players were not able to log in to the game and were facing a issue where the loading screen would stuck at 92%.

The issue has been fixed now after brawl stars rolled out a maintenance break to fix the issue and they called it “Stupocalypse”.

Brawl Stars released the full patch notes of this new march update and we are going to be going over the additional things that were not shown in the brawl talk.

Power League 

Power League is undoubtedly the most awaited thing in the latest update of brawl stars and it was said that the first season of power league will be cut short because a power league season is supposed to last as long as a brawl pass season however, since this power league season is going to release in middle of the brawl pass season, it will cut short this time around.

To make up for that, brawl stars is going to place people into leagues depending upon their best score in powerplay. The rankings based on powerplay points goes like this.

  • Bronze I : 0-149
  • Bronze II : 150-299
  • Bronze III : 300-449
  • Silver I : 450-599
  • Silver II : 600-749
  • Silver III : 750-899
  • Gold I : 900-1049
  • Gold II : 1050-1199
  • Gold III : 1200-1499

Gold III is the highest league you will be placed into and from that point on, there are 4 More leagues to climb up on. Diamond, Platinum, Champion and finally the last league, Masters.

The rewards at the end of the power league season goes like this.

  • Bronze I : 500 Star Points
  • Bronze II : 1000 Star Points
  • Bronze III : 2000 Star Points
  • Silver I : 2500 Star Points
  • Silver II : 3000 Star Points
  • Silver III : 3750 Star Points
  • Gold I : 4500 Star Points
  • Gold II : 5500 Star Points
  • Gold III : 7000 Star Points
  • Diamond I : 8570 Star Points
  • Diamond II : 10000 Star Points
  • Diamond III : 12500 Star Points
  • Platinum I : 15000 Star Points
  • Platinum II : 17500 Star Points
  • Platinum III : 20000 Star Points
  • Champion I : 25000 Star Points
  • Champion II : 30000 Star Points
  • Champion III : 40000 Star Points
  • Masters : 50000 Star Points

Balance Changes In Brawl Stars

  • Barley
  • Extra Noxious extra damage increased from 140 to 200.
  • Bea
  • Honey Coat has been replaced with Honeycomb which gives Bea a 20% damage reducing shield while her Main Attack shot is supercharged.
  • Bo
  • Main Attack damage increased from 520 to 560.
  • Brock
  • Main Attack damage increased from 1040 to 1120.
  • Carl
  • Heat Ejector has been reworked and it now sets the targets who come in contact with the trail on fire dealing 300 damage per second for 4 seconds.
  • Protective Pirouette damage reducing shield increased from 30% to 35%.
  • Crow
  • Extra Toxic damage nerf against poisoned targets increased from 20% to 25%.
  • Carrion Crow extra damage against low health targets increased from 120 to 152.
  • Gale
  • Super ability damage increased from 100 to 240.
  • Gene
  • Health increased from 3200 to 3600.
  • Lou
  • Health increased from 3100 to 3200.
  • Lou’s Super ability now deals 40 damage per second to enemies in the area.
  • Hypothermia maximum reload speed debuff increased from 35% to 50%.
  • Amber
  • Main Attack damage decreased from 2200 to 2000 per second.
  • Super ability damage increased from 1800 to 1920.
  • Edgar
  • Health decreased from 3000 to 2800.
  • Jessie
  • Health decreased from 3200 to 3000.
  • Mr.P
  • Health decreased from 3200 to 3000.
  • Tick
  • Main Attack mines now spread further apart based on the throwing distance.
  • Backup Mine has been replaced with Mine Mania which adds 3 extra mines to Tick’s next Main Attack.

Bug Fixes And Other Changes

  • Fixed an issue where newly applied damage over time effects were overwriting the existing effect (for example Byron’s poison removing Crow’s poison).
  • Fixed an issue with Street Wear Max skins texture.
  • Fixed an issue with Auto-fire targeting Brawlers beyond the attack range.
  • Devices with higher refresh rates are now automatically supported if the manufacturer enabled this option for Brawl Stars (90/120/144/240Hz).
  • Added support for Hot Zone and Siege game modes in the map maker.
  • New PSG-themed Challenge with a PSG Dynamike Skin reward!
  • 9 Wins 4 Losses. Players can purchase 3 extra lives for 80 gems (escalating with each rebuy. Up to 2 rebuys)
  • Smuggler Penny – 25000 Star Points
  • Bibi Vigilante – 49 Gems
  • Superstar Stu – 29 Gems
  • PSG Dynamike – PSG Challenge Reward or 149 Gems later
  • Animated Pins: Rico, Bull, Frank, Dynamike, Crow, Bo, Tick, Nani, Darryl
  • Animated Faces: Brock, Boombox Brock, Bo, Mecha Bo, Horus Bo, Underworld Bo, Tick, King Crab, El Primo, El Rudo, El Rey, Poco, Pirate Poco, Rico, Loaded Rico, Ricochet, Guard Rico.

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