Brawl Talk Released On 7th March: Here’s what is coming in the New march update

The brawl talk is now out and there are quite a few things to cover and breakdown which are going to be implemented in the march update of brawl stars.
Brawl Stars releases brawl talk march update
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The brawl talk is now out and there are quite a few things to cover and breakdown which are going to be implemented in the march update of brawl stars.

The brawl talk came out on 8:30 am EST and after analyzing the brawl talk frame by frame, here are the things which are going to be added in the next update and also, we found some hidden changes that you might have missed.

New Brawler Shown In Brawl Talk

The new brawler which is going to be coming in the next update is STU. He is going to be a trophy road brawler since we haven’t received any trophy road brawler in a while.

The last trophy road brawler we got was EMZ in the 2019 Brawloween update in October and then they stopped added trophy road brawlers because they were added consecutively in 3 updates. 

Frank, the game lead of brawl stars said this in the brawl talk to define his origin “STU is a sentient, crash test robot and is used to test attractions in Starr park. However, as user studies have shown, people really like to see him crash, so he ended up being in a stunt show.”

Talking about his main attack, STU shoots two pyrotechnics from his finger tips per one attack. It seems simple because his attack follow a straight line, but one thing that makes him really good in some particular game modes like brawl ball is that he charges his super with only one hit.

His super on the other hand, is a dash forward which is quite short range, almost a bit more than a normal mortis dash and it leaves a trail of fire behind him like carl’s first gadget does, it also has a knockback effect.

This super can be really effective in brawl ball as you can use his super to dash forward with the ball like mortis and you will be able to do that very frequently as it charges with only one hit.

STU will be available for free on the update day at 10,000 trophies, so if you are above 10k trophies then it will probably be auto-collected for you.

New Challenge

Brawl Stars had partnered with Paris Saint-Germain previous year and brought a new exclusive challenge with only brawl ball games and it was named “The PSG Cup” and if you won the challenge, you would be rewarded a skin for free called the PSG shelly but if you didn’t, it would still be available to buy in the shop for 80 gems.

Well, they partnered with Paris Saint-Germain again and are bringing us a new PSG challenge with three different rounds of brawl ball and you have to win 3 games in all of the 3 rounds to win another exclusive skin called PSG mike but if you loose 4 times then the challenge is over for you and you are out. 

However, If you don’t win the PSG challenge, PSG mike will still be available to buy in the shop for 150 gems.

Try not to lose by playing with your friends or using look for a team feature to find other players but you shouldn’t play with Randoms as it decreases your chances of winning tremendously.

New Game Mode

Later in the brawl talk, the developers talked about a new game mode and how it will be replacing Power Play. Power Play is a game mode where you can play matches a limited number of times per day and it gives you power play points points based on if you lose or win.

A power play season lasts for about 2 weeks and at the end of the season, you are rewarded with power points, which is a currency in the game used to buy recolored version of the gem skins and also buy boxes at the end of trophy season.

If you place number 1 on the power play leaderboard, you are rewarded extra 50,000 star points and the number of power points rewarded for global rank reduces for every place till rank 10th on the leaderboards.

A new event named Power League is going to replace powerplay because powerplay really needed a rework as it wasn’t providing much value to the game.

Frank said that “Power League can be a new way of playing competitive brawl stars” in the brawl talk. We think it has a lot of potential compared to powerplay.

There will be 19 power league ranks and players will start at bronze 1 and the best players will reach the master league which is the highest in the mode. In the first season of Power League, players will be placed in ranks based on their highest points achieved in power play.

You can only play solo or in a premade team of 3 players, if you play in a premade team then it will be as it was in power play but if you are playing in a solo queue, then you will be playing against other solo players who also chose to play solo mode.

Once you enter the matchmaking, the game mode and map will be randomly selected for both of the teams and you have to win a best of three in order to win a match.

After the game mode and the map are randomly chosen, then a brawler pick and ban phase will start and both teams can ban a brawler but it is a blind ban for both the teams which is followed by brawler picks by each player.

Each brawler can only be played once a match and you cannot play the same brawler again.

After each match, your progress will be defined by the level of players you faced, if you faced an easy opponent, your progress will be low but if you face a strong opponent then your progress will be high, so the tougher the opponent the faster your progress will be.

Like powerplay, you will get star points at the end of each season based on your league and ranks in the power league.

Besides Star Points, you can also earn some exclusive rewards like profile icons and exclusive skins each season. The skin you can acquire in the first season will be smuggler penny skin available for 25,000 star points once you have unlocked that option in the season.

The first power league season will be cut short because a power league season is supposed to last a whole entire brawl pass season and this power league season is being started in the middle of a brawl pass season.

There is no limit to how many matches you can play per day in power league unlike powerplay and power league will unlock at 4,500 trophies on the trophy road.

New Skins And Potential Balance Changes

  • Hot zone and Siege are coming to the map maker later in march.
  • Bibi will be getting a skin called Bibilante.
  • More animated pins for brawlers.
  • You can now buy 2 more chances in the PSG challenge for 30 gems up to 3 times.
  • Bea can be getting a rework to her honey coat star power as shown in the clips in brawl talk.
  • Amber can be getting a nerf to her main attack from 308 damage to 280 damage per flame based on the clips shown in the brawl talk.

That was all coming from this brawl talk, and we’ll update the patch notes regarding the recent game update when available.

Here is the video, if you want to watch the brawl talk.

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