how to improve valorant aim: Basic Guide

Valorant is all about aim. Unlike most tactical shooters, even though Valorant has tons of abilities, different mechanics, and ways you can contribute to your team, if you don’t have a good aim, your value in the team decreases drastically.

If you too desire to have a better aim in Valorant then you have landed on the perfect page. Today, we will be going over all the key points that could be messing up your aim and we will also discuss ways to counter them in order to improve.

How to improve Valorant aim?

Here are some of the ways that can help you improve your aim and crosshair placement to win more 1v1 fights and frag out to improve your team’s situation.


Customizing your game settings and controls can completely flip both your performance and the game around. If you have the right settings customized as you like then you can feel more comfortable while actually playing the game resulting in you getting better frags.


For starters, I recommend you change your sensitivity if you haven’t already. Sensitivity is the main game changer when it comes to your aim. Just the right sensitivity you prefer alone can make massive improvements to your aim.

You can play around with the sensitivity in the settings to find the perfect one if you prefer or you can search for a setting online or on YouTube if you want to take it easy.

I personally recommend the sensitivity aim option in the general settings under the mouse section to be set between 0.3 to 0.5 depending on how you like it but you can completely change it to anything you like as long as it comforts you.


Let’s be completely honest, the default valorant crosshair sucks and it might come as a surprise to some of you that many players often go months playing the game with the default crosshair setting without customizing it even once.

You can find threads on Reddit where people say that if you copy a pro player’s crosshair or apply a particular crosshair setting then you will start playing like a pro.

That’s not really true although a custom crosshair of one’s choice can improve the reaction time to an enemy or the aim itself, you can’t completely change your game performance with a customized crosshair.

There isn’t really a general recommendation for the crosshair setting. The best thing to do here is to look for a crosshair setting tutorial on YouTube and try different crosshairs yourself.

Many people use the dot crosshair and it seems to work perfectly for the majority so you can go with that too.


Just customizing your settings isn’t enough for you to achieve an accurate aim. You need to change your gameplay and add a few things to it in order to get better.

There are tons of things you can try doing to get better so we will go over a few of them.

Counter Strafing

If you’re a beginner then it’s likely that you haven’t heard this term before or you may have heard it in someone’s video or stream. Counter-strafing is kind of a universal concept that works with most FPS games.

Strafing just means moving in any one direction, as simple as that. Counter Strafing is just as it sounds, it’s countering your movement in one direction by pressing the key for the other direction.

If you’re trying to peek to the left by pressing the A key and you spot an enemy then you quickly press the D key to move towards the right getting you back in the cover.

A shot made in this split second is likely the most accurate and precise out of all in that sequence and it is highly probable to land a headshot.

General Gameplay

how to improve valorant aim: Basic Guide

The normal habits that you developed over time can be one of the major reasons for you to be reading this article. Habits like crouching, playing too safe even as an attacker, and spraying with no recoil control to name a few.

I placed all these in this category of general gameplay because they are related to your human instincts rather than a setting. Try not to crouch all the time. People tend to hit their shots better while crouching but crouching makes fleeing a bad situation a big challenge.

Practicing to control your recoil without crouching can improve your aim significantly so you should focus on that and give up on your habit of crouching every time you engage in a fight.

As for the playing too safe part, I have observed it myself. Newbies and even some older players avoid directly getting in combat even if they are on the attacking side.

It might either be because of the fear of being stuck in a sticky situation, something like a 1 vs 3 in occasional circumstances, or simply because of panic.

New players often panic whenever an enemy approaches or they are involved in a fight. Usually, this panic makes the mind go completely blank and your game sense dies for some indefinite time.

During this period, the player might take some in-game actions which may not be beneficial for the team most of the time but the panic situation forces the player to do something stupid anyways.

Practice and Training

You all saw this one coming, didn’t you? Well, practice is what will help you improve your aim in the long term. The practice can be of any kind suitable to you but I would like to share some of the practice methods I think work to improve your aim.

The Range

how to improve valorant aim: Basic Guide

The range is one of the best things riot has ever added to Valorant. It makes practicing your aim so much easier and more practical than any other method.

The range is a shooting area where you can practice with bots and try out your agent’s abilities and pretty much everything you can do in a real game, you can do that in the range too.

The possibilities are endless but the best technique to practice your aim is to play on easy mode against bots and try counter strafing and keeping your crosshair on head level. I recommend using a vandal or a phantom for this practice because they are the only AR Rifles and the most mainstream guns on top of that.

After a short while, you will be able to master the easy mode and get a 25 or more headshot score out of 30. The easy mode is pretty easy in itself. The bots appear and stay on your screen for about 2 seconds which is enough for a normal player to aim and shoot at head level.

After you’re done mastering the easy mode, we now enter the medium mode and that’s where things get a lot more tricky. You see, compared to the easy mode, the medium mode is harder than it should be.

I don’t know the exact statistics but I assume that an average gold player can only obtain a score of about 15-20 in medium mode (1 tap headshots). Please note that this is an assumption based on what I’ve seen and not a verified fact.

If for once, we forget about the medium difficulty and talk about the hard mode, It is harder than any newbie can comprehend.

Even most pros with tens of thousands of hours in CS GO or any other tactical shooters and an unimaginable amount of practice in Valorant can’t score 30 on 30 in the hard difficulty so it’s better to forget about the hard mode for now and just focus on medium difficulty.

You won’t be able to instantly get better with the medium bots so I suggest you practice on medium bots for some time every day and eventually you’ll get better with it. You can move to hard bots if you can score decently on medium bots over time.

Thanks for reading our article, We hope to see you again.

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