PUBG Announces New Giveaways for Their 4th Anniversary

PUBG recently announced new giveaways for players to celebrate their 4th anniversary and there will be special events to take part in the whole month.

PUBG Announces New Giveaways For Their 4th Anniversary

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or more commonly known as PUBG was released on 23 March 2017. It has been the most popular battle royale game since its release and it became a hot topic of discussion from late 2017.

Recently, the developers of the game, PUBG Corporation announced new giveaways and special events over the coming weeks to celebrate their 4th anniversary coming up on 23rd March 2021.

In the last few months, developers introduced a bunch of optimizations and improvements to the console versions of the game running on PlayStation 5 and Xbox series X.

The improvements made to the console version of the game allowed players to play on framerates up to 60 FPS, rather than just being stuck on 30 FPS.

Special Events

There will be an event called Social Media Hashtag Event starting from 11th March 2021 to 31st March 2021 UTC. From 18th March to 24th march UTC, the 4th anniversary rewards event will start and players will have a chance to get a M416 Hoodie. 

There will also be a 4th anniversary emote giveaway from 25th March to 31st March UTC.

Players can compete for the chance of winning up to 1,000 G-Coins by taking a photo of winning Graffiti Contest entry and sharing it on social media in the social media event. 

In the second giveaway, players can complete any challenge to get the Spectrum Solution M416 and Squad Tag Hoodie. 

In the final event, the Victory Dance emote giveaway will reward players with a new emote for completing missions given in the challenge.

PUBG New State

In February, PUBG corporation also announced a new game which is under development right now but will be launched soon named “PUBG New State”. 

Players all around the world are looking forward to the launch of this new game and if you want to be up to date with the latest news regarding the launch of the PUBG New State then make sure to follow us to get the latest updates. 

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