Choosing an agent to main in Valorant can be challenging for a new player, there are just so many options to choose from. Today we will be discussing which agent is the best to start with and hopefully, you will know exactly which agents you should main over others.

Which Valorant Agent Should I Play

You’ll find many pro players who main multiple agents to their advantage because of the wide variety of helpful agents. Every agent has its pros and cons and in order to help you choose your primary agent, we have compiled a list of agents sorted by their difficulty level.

Valorant Agent

Free Agents

As all of you may already know, when you start the game for the first time, you get 5 free agents to play from Sova, Brimstone Pheonix, Jett, and Sage. While you would see many players suggesting sage to a new player, each free agent is helpful in its own way so we will be going over each one.


Starting with the first agent, Brimstone’s abilities are generally team-supportive and not suitable for new players. As brimstone, you have responsibilities such as smoking a site, blocking angles, placing down your stim beacons in dire situations, etc. So for a complete beginner, I wouldn’t recommend using brimstone.


Sova is one of those agents where even if you don’t know anything, you can still make use of it somehow. Sova does have lineups that can amplify your Sova gameplay, but a simple and direct reveal on a site can help out your teammates a lot. Sova isn’t so much of a complex character so you can try him out as a beginner to see if you can main him in the future.


Phoenix is one of the most hated agents in the valorant community and for obvious reasons, he is completely out of meta and riot isn’t giving him a reasonable buff to help improve his condition in the game. All that said, Phoenix can be one of the best picks for a beginner in valorant.

He has no complex abilities and isn’t so much of a dynamic agent for you to master. On top of all that, an average valorant team doesn’t expect anything from a phoenix anyways so you don’t have to worry about meeting your team’s absurd expectations.


A beginner can only try playing Jett under a certain condition if you’re playing with your friends. Trust me you don’t want to play Jett with randoms or you’ll face one of the most toxic kinds of players in valorant. Jett is a fun agent to play that a new player can try and enjoy too but there’s a lot of competition with Jett against other Jett players you need to look out for.


Sage is undoubtedly the best free agent you can start within valorant. As most of the player base says, Sage is an easy supportive agent anyone can play. Her abilities are nowhere near as complicated as some of the agents we will be talking about later in the article and it makes her the perfect agent for beginners.

Low Difficulty Agents

Starting with the low-difficulty agents, we will go through mid-difficulty agents up to high-difficulty agents. The agents in this category are easy to use for a beginner with low effort.


Reyna is definitely one of the easiest agents to use in terms of her abilities, you use your blind, enter a site, kill the enemies and heal yourself.

The tough part about Reyna is you have to be quick with your reflexes to really squeeze out the potential of Reyna in dire situations where you may have to use your dismiss ability quick enough to dodge your enemies. Regardless, that is if you want to be really sweaty with Reyna which you don’t really need to worry about in the early stages.


Neon is another agent with a rather simple kit of abilities but works like a charm for a beginner. Her kit consists of abilities that are not too complicated yet provide you with a healthy advantage, precisely why she is one of the best and easiest agents to play for beginners.


Killjoy for the most part relies on her tools like her turret, swamp grenades, and alarm bot. While these abilities do need some planning and a bit of knowledge about the maps and their angles to place down on perfect spots, it isn’t necessary to worry about that unless you’re on a higher rank.

Mid Difficulty Agents

Agents in this category may take a while to get used to but once you’ve been settled with an agent from this category, the game becomes unexpectedly easier.


After his recent buff, Yoru has become one of the best agents in the game once mastered. Some may argue that Yoru belongs in the high-difficulty category but as things are with Yoru right now, he is not as hard to use as the agents who actually fall in the high-difficulty category.


Skye’s kit is fairly simple, enough for her to land in the low-difficulty category but the only reason it’s in the mid-difficulty one is her flash. Her flashes are one of if not the hardest to control in the game and for a beginner, it is a huge pain. However, if you do learn to use her flashes, she is an overall easy-to-use agent.


There are plenty of reasons for KAY/O to end up in the mid-difficulty category but the major one is, he is not as easy to use as low-difficulty agents nor as hard to use as high-difficulty agents. His flashes to his knife and grenade, all of these abilities are moderately difficult to master thus ending up here.


Don’t think there’s much to explain here, everyone knows omen is not an easy agent to use. He has complex smokes and blind ability (Paranoia) and has many tricks to master with his teleport and ult to utilize the maximum potential of the agent. However, we don’t think he is difficult enough to be able to make it to the high-difficulty category.


Breach’s abilities make him one of the best initiators in the game, with his signature abilities and ult you can easily take over a site and even play on retake if used correctly. Breach is mostly a team-supportive agent meant to be played in coordination with your teammates to utilize his potential to the fullest. For beginners, he may be hard to use at first but it doesn’t take much time to understand his abilities at all.


Although cypher has been out of the meta for a while now, there still are ways to make use of him and his abilities once mastered. If a player can memorize his cage lineups, trip wires, and camera spots that are well-hidden and sneaky, he can be insanely annoying and hard to deal with for the enemies. Even for beginners, if you don’t have much knowledge about his hidden tricks, he can be of great use to your team as a source of information.


There’s no denying that fade is the best initiator in the game as of current times with her abilities acting like a combination of Sova, Skye, and Breach. Her kit is a combination of such abilities making her the most annoying agent in the game. Fade has a level of complexity to her abilities but she can be used by beginners with little to no difficulty but you won’t be able to use her to her fullest.


Last but not least in our mid-difficulty category is none other than potentially the best and the most annoying controller after the Astra nerf, Viper. Her kit has to be one of the most annoying to deal with due to her insane site control and angle-blocking abilities. Her ult is in a league of its own with it being almost impossible to break through in most post-plant situations. Even for a beginner, she can be of huge advantage for maps like Breeze, Pearl, and Fracture.

High Difficulty Agents

Agents in this category are the hardest to use in the entire game and usually take weeks if not months to be able to master and unleash the full potential of the agent.


There is no denying that chamber is one of if not the hardest agents to use in valorant. To be able to use chamber to its fullest you would not only need exceptionally good aim since 2 of his abilities are gun based but also a quick reflex to be able to use his teleport (Rendevous) efficiently. The high difficulty for chamber is clearly justifiable because of his standing in the game. Chamber is a clear replacement for Jett after her nerf and also has been the best agent in the meta for a while now.


Raze may be a mid-difficulty agent for some but her blast packs make all the difference. Her abilities are simple and straight forward but to be able to use blast packs is a different story. Her ult is meant to be used alongside her blast packs to be able to utilize it to its fullest and mastering the usage of blast packs can be pretty challenging as far as being the hardest ability to master in Valorant.


Astra used to rule the high-rank competitive matches for a long time and even though she received a massive nerf in recent times, she still holds a good position in the meta due to her unique characteristics. Her ability to control sites and blocking angles makes her one of the best controllers in the game despite such a hard-hitting nerf. Due to the complexities of her abilities all being connected to her astral form, no doubt places her in the high-difficulty category.


To conclude this article, every agent has its own strong points and weak points but if I were to particularly point to every single agent then we might never get a definitive answer.

It all comes down to your personal preference but if you were seeking an answer to it then all I could say is, low-difficulty agents may be good for you in the short term but if you are confident in yourself then you should go for a mid or high difficulty agent.

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