Valorant Patch Note Viper Yoru Update
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Valorant Patch Notes 2.06

This new patch is mainly aimed at Viper. Riot Games finally buffed her poisoning abilities to instantly decay 50 health which is a temporary damage as soon as the enemies come in contact with Viper’s poisoning abilities their health will instantly decay up to 50.

That’s not all, Viper also got buff with her toxic screen ability and picking up poison cloud more far away from before. She will now be able to pick up her poison cloud grenade from a larger distance than she was able to do before.

Despite of the fact that how broken Viper’s abilities are, the distance from where she was able to pick up her smoke grenade was still a pain, as you can not do so in any combat situation. This update shall make it a little better, and it really was a needed update.

Viper Updates

Here is the list of all the updates agent Viper is getting in this new path note:

Viper’s Toxin

  • Any enemy that cross through Viper’s Toxic abilities like Viper’s pit, Toxic screen or Poison cloud will instantly be inflicted with at least 50 Temporary Health Decay. The decay will increase the longer enemy team remains in contact with Viper’s toxin.
  • Another Decay update is with the Poison cloud, now the over time health decay while in Viper’s poison cloud has been decreased from 15 to 10.

Viper’s Poison Cloud(Q Ability)

  • One of the problems that existed with Viper’s poison cloud grenade is also getting fixed now. Viper users now will be able to re-deploy the poison cloud grenade instantly after picking it up. There is no longer the cool down period before deploying it again, but it will a temporary charge, instead of a permanent full toxin charge.
  • Another issue with the poison cloud was that, it goes off as soon as Viper dies in the game, but now from this update, even if Viper dies, it will remain for 2 more seconds or if Viper runs out of toxin fuel, whatever turns true first.
  • Viper users will be able to pickup the poison grenade from a distance of 400 as that of 200 before(Relief!).

Viper’s Toxin Screen(E Ability)

  • The same update is with Viper’s Toxic screen as well, if Viper dies in the game, the toxic screen will remain for 2 more seconds.
  • The full blind distance has been increased to match the level of blind distance as that of the edge of the smokes.

Snakebite(C Ability)

Snakebite ability, in which viper equips a small tube in her hand and throws it to spread a toxic greenish substance.

And it is one of the most broken abilities of Viper. Raise your hands if you ever got a kill even after dying and clutching with snakebite on the spike.(XD)

And thankfully in overall Viper’s Buff, this ability is getting buffed too, here is what’s changing:

  • The equipment time for the snakebite tube is changed from 1.1 seconds to 0.8 seconds.

Practice Time

  • In any custom games, if you’ve turned on the cheats in the room. You can recall the poison cloud and the toxic screen just by holding the activate button.
  • Poison cloud’s landing location will be shown on the mini map in the practice custom room if the cheats are on.

Yoru Updates

Moving on to Yoru’s updates, here’s what’s changing with the agent Yoru in Valorant new patch notes.

Blindside(Q Ability)

  • Yoru’s flash activation time has been reduced from 0.8 seconds to 0.6 seconds.
  • And the flash duration has also been increased from 1.1 seconds to 1.5 seconds.

Gatecrash(E Ability)

  • Instead of getting updated on kills, this ability now will be refreshed every 35 seconds.
  • The life of this ability has also been increased from 20 seconds to now 30 seconds.
  • Although, the range has been nerfed a little bit. Yoru’s Gatecrash fragment is decreased from 7m to now 4m.

Dimensional Drift(X Ability)

The ultimate ability of Yoru to do a dimensional drift seeing all the things in the path, unlike omen and then re-spawn on it’s desired location on the map until the drift timer runs out.

  • The ultimate points needed to activate Yoru’s Dimensional Drift has been reduced from 7 points to now 6 points.
  • Yoru can also activate Gatecrash ability even in dimensional drift state.

Kill Joy

A small update with the agent, killJoy is that she can now pick up the nano-swarm grenades during the buy phase to get the changes back.

That’s all new with the agents in the this new patch update of Valorant, now let’s move on to weapon updates.

Weapon Updates


The update is with only one gun, that is the shot gun, Bucky!

  • The spread now has been decreased from 3.4 to 2 for right click ult fire.
  • The primary fire bullet spread has also been decreased from 3.4 to 2.6.
Range Vs Damage
  • 20 damage for a range of 0m-8m per pellet.
  • 12 damage for 8m-12m per pellet.
  • And any distance will do a negligible damage of only 9 pellet.
  • Amount of pellets in right click alt shot has now been reduced from 15 to 5.

Bucky doesn’t seems to be that impressive as of a gun as it was used to be for the short range. Especially for it’s ability of alt shot.

Escalation Mode Updates

what’s new in the escalation mode?

  • Snowball launchers will now come with skates which will increase the mobility.
  • Big Knife now is now going to come with Tailwind charge.
  • Raze’s Showstoppers now comes with two blast pack charges,which refills just as you use them. As if one wasn’t already deadly enough.

Competitive Mode Update

  • You can view any person’s game career directly from the in-game leader-board.
  • If you’re out there on the leader-board and don’t want to compromise on your privacy, you can now turn on a toggle to get labelled as Secret agent.

Quality of Life Changes

Quality of Life are the updated that are considered to be the changes that improve the usability and stability of the game.

  • Improving legibility, megamap now uses mouse pointer rather than a crosshair for map pings.

Apart from these changes, about 20 bugs has been fixed for Competitive mode, Agents and QoL in this new Valorant Patch notes.

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