is shorty good in valorant

In Valorant, Shorty is one of the weapons that has a mixed reputation that makes the players question, if they should be using the shorty.

So let’s take a look at what kind of weapon is Shorty and in what situations you can use this sidearm and in what situations it can give you some crisp instant head-shot kills in the game.

So without any further ado, let’s get into it.

Is Shorty a Pistol?

Yes! It’s a Shotgun Pistol in Valorant. It belongs to the side arm class weapon category in the game.

It has very good close-range damage as compared to the ghost and even the classic that you get for free in each round.

Shorty shoots 15 pellets per shot and has a magazine size of 2 bullets. So after firing 2 rounds you’ll have to reload this weapon again.

Its wall penetration is also low and it’s very hard to kill your enemy in one shot through the wall with the Shorty unless they’re very-very low hp.

is shorty good in valorant

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Can Shorty give One-Shot Kill?

If we’re talking about the side arm weapons, we’ve seen the Sheriff get one-shot kills like crazy, followed by the Ghost.

Of course, we’re not counting Frenzy here because that’s more of an auto-sidearm weapon.

We’re only talking about the single fire sidearms that you play within the starting rounds, eco rounds, or when you’re using Marshal or Operator.

One Shot 2

Although you can also use right-click with the classic that has a very high chance of a one-shot kill in the close range for the shorty even though its damage is much more than the classic, you need to be highly accurate to aim for the head to get a one-shot kill as shorty has a very less range.

Shorty will mostly result in a one-shot kill if you’re too close to the enemy or if you can aim for the head it generally gets a kill in 2 shots in a little more than close range.

But there’s no way you can rely on shorty for mid-range fights.

Is Shorty good in Valorant?

If you’re quite away from the enemy, Shorty’s pellets would scatter in the diameter and do very less damage but if you’re very close to the enemy, shorty can work very well and most likely give you a kill if you’re whiffing your shots.

But still, many players like to keep Frenzy, Ghost, or Sheriff as their sidearm weapon because the fire rate of the shorty is very less and only has 10 bullets so in case you somehow miss those bullets or run out of ammunition then you’re as good as dead and that’s what mostly happens in the shorty rounds.

But some players just go absolute beast with the gun, especially if you’re playing Jett, you can get close to the enemy and hit them with the shorty before they get the time to process and react.

So yes, if your aim is crisp and you use Marshal or the Operator then Shorty can be a good choice to keep as a sidearm weapon. But that won’t probably hold true for the eco rounds, although Shorty comes in only 150 credits you might want to get yourself a ghost or a frenzy for the eco rounds by spending a bit more so that way you’ll also be able to play mid-range and hit more precise headshots.

The sheriff is a more common weapon in the game for the eco rounds that players prefer to buy as it comes in just 800 credits and the head and body damage is insane with Sheriff both in the close and mid-range. So you can take both mid and long-range fights with the sheriff, it also works well in wall bangs.

How to Use the Shorty?

You can buy the shorty in the buy phase of the game and hold any angle or corner for any chance of getting a kill with the weapon.

Shorty is not a gun with which you want to face your enemy in a 1v1 rather you can rely on the outplay potential of the Shorty by holding any corner or angle of which the enemy is completely unaware and then try to get a kill.

You can also keep the shorty for the close-range fights if you’re using any sniper to deal with any enemy who’s too close to you, in these phases shorty can give you huge outplay potential. Even if the enemy is using any AR, you’ll just be able to deal them heavy damage or get a kill out of it.

One more case where shorty can be utilized effectively are the times when you’re in a close-range fight with the enemy and your primary weapon runs out of ammo and you need to reload then you can just pull your shorty out and get a kill on the enemy by baiting the enemy with the reload sound but actually being ready to kill them with the shorty.

Shorty’s one pellet damage is 24 in the range of 0-7 meters, 16 in the range of 7-15 meters and absolutely worse only 6 in the range of 15-50 meters. Shorty has a reload speed of 1.7s seconds and a fire rate of 3.33 rounds per second. Shorty’s magazine holds 2 bullets.


Shorty can be a broken gun for a really close-range fight, considering it only takes only 150 creds. Shorty is a good sidearm weapon for snipers if they don’t want to go with the frenzy and ghost or want to save the credits on the sidearm weapon.

Shorty is super cheap to buy as a side arm but the only condition is when you play with shorty; the enemy should not be 15 meters or more further away from you that’s the case for the results if you try to use the shorty in the long-range you won’t be doing any significant damage to the enemy but just will waste your bullets.

Thank you for reading our article, We hope to see you again.

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