Discord launched a new audio channel feature similar to clubhouse

Discord has launched their own audio channels called stage channel to compete with clubhouse. Twitter also launched their own audio channel feature as well.


Discord, the biggest gaming chat platform has recently launched a new audio channel feature which are defined as stage channels. The new stage channel feature is similar to the clubhouse.

What is Clubhouse

Clubhouse is a audio chatting app launched in April 2020 developed by Alpha Exploration Co. In Clubhouse, you join in each room as audience and if you want to speak, you “raise your hand” and the speakers can invite you then to speak up.

The application is currently available only on iOS though but CEO and founder Paul Davison announced that they are working on bringing the app to android soon so it is expected to see Clubhouse arrive on android soon. 

Discord Stage Channels

The new discord stage channels are going to work in pretty much the same way as clubhouse. In stage channels, certain participants are marked as speakers and others act as the listeners. The feature is similar to a podcast or a radio.

This feature is limited to the community servers who have more authority than the regular servers on discord and this feature will especially come in handy for conducting AMA(Ask Me Anything) and interviews.

Many social media have their eyes on this function and are trying to implement it in their apps due to the rising popularity of clubhouse.

Clubhouse Rivals

Many companies alongside discord are working on their own audio channel feature in order to compete with Clubhouse. LinkedIn recently confirmed that they have been working on their own audio channel feature to compete with clubhouse.

On the other hand, Twitter also launched their own Clubhouse alternative recently called “Twitter Spaces”.

Twitter Spaces pretty much does the same thing, Spaces is an audio chat room where you can join in, listen and speak.

These spaces are public so anyone them can join including the people who don’t follow you. You can invite up to 10 people to join your space room by sending them a invite link.

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