Microsoft updated Edge release cycle to 4 weeks after Chrome

Microsoft speeding up Edge release cycle to every weeks

Recently, Google announced to change their Chrome Release Cycle from 6 weeks to every 4 weeks for making the Chrome browser more stable, secure and reliable.

Microsoft joining the same league of more frequent updates alongside Chrome and Firefox. Microsoft also announced more frequent update cycles for their new Edge browser, which was rebuilt on chromium open source project in the year 2020.

Microsoft speeding up Edge Release Cycle

Previously Edge was getting a new major release every 6 weeks just like Chrome previously, but in a recent blog post on March 12, Microsoft said, “As contributors to the Chromium project, we look forward to the new 4-week major release cycle cadence that Google announced, to help deliver that innovation to our customers even faster”

Further they said, “But that is not the case for all customers, particularly our enterprise customers who manage complex environments and must balance delivering new innovations against rigorous planning and testing. To help our enterprise customers looking for an extended timeline to manage updates, Microsoft Edge will offer an Extended Stable option aligned to a longer, 8-week major release cycle; if this option is not selected, the 4-week cadence will be the default experience.”

Just like as with Chrome, Edge is also looking forward to offer extended stable option which will have a 8-week major update cycle. This will be offered as an option for enterprise customers to effectively manage the updates, if not selected 4-week edge release cycle will be set as default.

The Enterprise customers opting for 8-week Edge release cycle, will still get all the security and innovation from the 4 week Edge release cycle, said Microsoft.

Change in Edge Release Cycle

As per Microsoft, This new change in the edge release cycle is expected to come in effect with Edge 94. Since in 2020, Microsoft rebuilt Edge Browser based on chromium project, now matching with the release cycle will help the browsers to keep in sync, as after Firefox both Chrome and Edge are also shifting to faster release cycles.

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