Microsoft Tests Out Edge Chromium on Xbox

Microsoft has started testing out Edge Chromium on Xbox Consoles. The Alpha Skip-Ahead group users can now access the new Microsoft Edge on Xbox One or Xbox Series S / X consoles.

Although the full support for the keyboard and mouse is still missing, you can use the Xbox Controller in the browser.

edge chromium on xbox

Edge Chromium on Xbox

This was one of the most awaited features for the users who wanted to access the websites using their consoles as the previous Edge was not very satisfying enough for the major of the users.

Edge can now also provide access to streaming services like Google’s Stadia which is possible due to the improved compatibility support with Chromium.

This support will also improve compatibility with services like Skype and other browser-based games.

This new update will also make it easier to browse the web of the consoles however we’ve to wait for the full keyboard and mouse support for the best experience.

The test version includes the same sync engine used across Edge, with support for extensions, vertical tabs, Collections, and most Edge desktop features.

This new update can also allow console players to stream games to their consoles via Microsoft’s own xCloud in the future.

Microsoft has announced plans to launch cloud gaming with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for PC and iOS Devices in the spring of 2021.

Support for the existing legacy browser will end on the 9th of March, 2021, and Microsoft testing out this updated browser suggests that this will arrive on all the Xbox consoles soon.

The Legacy Edge

The legacy version of the Edge was built on the home-grown engine called Spartan. Project Spartan was the code name of Mircosoft’s first browser which was initially released in the year 2015.

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