YouTube testing to hide dislike count Publicly from videos

YouTube testing to hide dislike counts publicly on creators feedback as these dislike campaigns continue to mess up the well being of YouTube Creators.

YouTube testing to hide dislike count


  • YouTube announced on March 31 that it will be testing a new feature to hide the public dislike count from YouTube.
  • The company said they’ll run a small experiment where they’ll try a few different designs for hiding dislike counts.
  • It’s just yet an experiment that YouTube is conducting that may bring a huge change to the video platform, however, the dislike button will not be removed for anyone.

YouTube announcement on Twitter

YouTube announced this new experiment that it is conducting on Twitter.

YouTube explained that this new experiment is done for the creator’s well-being and to tackle the dislike campaigns.

Those who become a part of this small experiment will see one of the new layouts that YouTube has shared above in the tweet.

YouTube further explained in a community forum thread that the goal of this experiment is not to remove the ability of the consumers to dislike the video or to signal the YouTube algorithm that they disliked a certain video but rather this experiment is being conducted from creators feedback.

YouTube said, “We’ve heard from creators that the public dislike counts can impact their well-being and may motivate a targeted campaign of dislikes on a creator’s video.”

Further, they went on explaining, “So, we’re testing designs that don’t include the visible like or dislike count in an effort to balance improving the creator experience, while still making sure viewer feedback is accounted for and shared with the creator.”

What does it mean for the creators?

This experiment will only affect the public dislike count. Creators will always be able to see the dislike counts on any video from their YouTube studio and the dislike counts will continue to signal the YouTube algorithm for better video recommendations.


In the potential design that YouTube showcased in the tweet which is probably getting tested, we see the same dislike button layout but the dislike counts are hidden, and the term “Dislike” is appearing beneath the dislike button.

YouTube testing to remove public dislike count
Image Credits: YouTube

Of course, there could be targeted like and dislike campaigns as we saw with many videos including YouTube’s own Rewind.

But the dislike count also helps the consumers with the videos that are generally clickbait, spam, or misleading which is usually helpful in deciding if the user wants to invest his time watching those videos or not.

If this new feature rolls out globally after the tests, it will have both its pros and cons.

from Tech Crunch

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