Valorant is the game on the rise right now, with more than 300 Million viewers watching Valorant content and streams on twitch and many new players joining the game daily proves that it can be a new potential global hit just like once upon a time PUBG was, when it was first released.

But as many people start playing the game for the first time, they often get confused with the concept of the game and die early on in the game trying to figure out how to play it properly and often find it really difficult to play the game properly and think, Why is Valorant so hard?

Most of the people can’t often learn the basics of Valorant just with the tutorial and that is justified because I think Valorant is harder and different than most of the tactical shooters that has gained traction in the gaming community.

Trust me, I have been through the same, when I first started playing Valorant I was so confused because it was my first time seeing this many agents and abilities in a first person shooter and because of that I couldn’t play the game with my full potential because I didn’t know any of the abilities of agents and the tactics to play the game efficiently.

And that is exactly why I’m here to tell you the basic reasons why is Valorant so hard especially for new players compared to other FPS games and I will also provide some solutions to possibly help you improve in Valorant. So lets just start with our point number one.

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Why Is Valorant So Hard?

There are several reasons for why is Valorant so hard but four of the major things that I think can be the reason for you to be reading this article are:

Agents And Their Conditional Abilities

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Valorant has 18 agents as for the writing of this article and many of the agents are very high tier ones which are not easy to use from scratch and only experienced players can use those kind of agents efficiently like Yoru, Cypher, Raze etc.

On top of that different agents have various different abilities and different conditions on them as well.

Like for example in Yoru’s gate crasher which he uses to teleport, he throws out his gate crasher which is his signature ability so if he doesn’t teleport until his gate crasher ability is recharged then the last gate crasher won’t teleport you anymore and you have to throw out a new one.

These kind of different abilities with different conditions applied to them can be very confusing for a new Valorant player and also to the players who have just unlocked that particular agent.

Maps And Their Geographies

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Valorant has 7 maps as per the writing of this article, might not seem like much and on the flip side it looks like they are very few maps only and the game needs more.

However, these 7 maps can alone mess up the mind of a new player because of their twisted geographies.

There are many entries that need to be blocked before planting the spike and there are many entries where you can’t block them so you have to keep an eye on those from where the defenders can play for the retake of the site and vice-versa.

If you are the ones defending then its harder than planting because there are at least 2 sites on each map and you never know which site are they going to plant at.


Aim is a basic yet the most important thing in any shooting game. There are 2 types of aim that have different characteristics to it, mechanical aim and passive aim.

Mechanical Aim

Mechanical Aim is the aim which is what we commonly refer to when we say the word aim, mechanical aim is just about how fast you can move your crosshair, your reflexes and all about your muscle memory, mechanical aim is universal for all the FPS games.

Passive Aim

Passive Aim is rather different from mechanical aim because it all just depends on the basic game sense and what kind of game you are playing.

Passive aim assists the mechanical aim to form a combination so you can kill the opponent as fast as possible. In Valorant passive aim is referred to as crosshair placement.

Crosshair Placement

Crosshair placement basically means placing your crosshair on the level of a player’s head so when you shoot an enemy it automatically connects the shot to his head and the enemy dies in only one hit most of the time depending on the damage of the gun.

Majority of the pro players that newbies admire are pro in Valorant because they came to Valorant after playing CS GO for thousands of hours that’s why they have a really good aim and are habitual of the crosshair placement because for the most cases, Valorant and CS GO share almost the same aim mechanics.


The last but a major thing that can make Valorant hard for you are the guns in the game. The guns in Valorant have confusing characteristics and properties which can make the guns very hard to use.

The two most used guns in Valorant are phantom and the vandal and we will be discussing about both of them.


Vandal is used by most of the pro players in Valorant because it can kill them with 1 shot if targeted to the head. It does 34 damage for a leg shot, 40 for a body shot and 160 for a headshot killing the target in one hit with headshot and 4 body shots assuming that the enemy possesses a full armor.

The bad part about the vandal is the recoil from the gun if you are using it on auto fire. I personally don’t advice you to use vandal on auto fire in any situation, you must use vandal as a single tap or a burst gun rather than in auto.


Phantom is the prime rival of vandal in Valorant and there has been a conflict between players who prefer vandal and who prefer phantom for so long. Phantom is generally preferred because it is an auto fire gun and it has less recoil as compared to the vandal.

Phantom does not have a consistent damage at all times, rather it changes with distance. In 0 to 15 meters of range, Phantom does 156 damage on a head shot, enough to kill in one bullet in this range, 39 for a body shot which will take 4 shots to kill the enemy, if you hit all the shots on body just like the vandal.

However, when we proceed beyond the 15 meters range, the damage starts reducing. In the 15 to 30 meters range, it does 140 damage on a headshot, 35 on a body shot. In this range, the headshot does not kill an enemy with one bullet and for the body, it now takes 5 shots to kill an enemy instead of 4.

And lastly to finish things off, in the 30 to 50 meter range, the damage reduces to 124 for the head and 31 for the body which is still kind of same thing as the 15 to 30 meters range where it will take 2 headshots or 5 body shots to kill an enemy.

The Phantom does fall behind in the terms of damage per bullet after a certain range but the fact that the phantom has a silencer makes it a good option to choose if you’re firing from the smoke or Viper’s Pit as it hides the shooting visuals and makes it almost impossible for the enemy to locate exactly where the bullets are coming from.

So they won’t be able to spray down in the direction that blocks any possibilities of you dying in any spray down as your location wont be compromised due to the silence that Phantom packs.

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How to Improve In Valorant

  • There is only one solution to all of these problems and particularly why is valorant so hard and  it is practice. Try out new maps in custom game and learn all about the maps by exploring in a custom game yourself.
  • Try out new agents in custom and play spike rush games to test out the agents to find a main agent for yourself.
  • When you play all these different agents, you will find at least 1 agent that you will have fun playing and would want to master that agent and set them as your main agent.
  • As for the Aim, I suggest you go in the practice range and start practicing with vandal or phantom because you can’t rely on any other gun as much as you can rely on vandal or phantom.
  • Try to place your crosshair on the head level and practice with easy bots in the practice range and try to hit all head to kill the bots in 1 shot and when you are able to master easy bots then move on to the medium bots and try to get a decent score with medium bots which will help you improve your aim.
  • Play with the game sensitivity to find the right sensitivity for yourself because everyone has a different habitable zone for their mouse sensitivity and your taste in sensitivity can be higher than someone and lower than someone which you never know until you try it out, so try to find your sensitivity yourself and don’t copy others in the case of sensitivity.
  • Try to customize the crosshair until you are satisfied. For the crosshair, you can watch any YouTube videos and try out new cross hair setting recommended by others to see what fits for you or you can just set the crosshair by yourself.


Concluding the article in short, there are many things that can be affecting your Valorant gameplay but there are only a few listed here which I think can be the reason that makes new players think, why is valorant so hard and you have to improve those if you want to get better in Valorant.

Practice your aim and agents to get better frags in game and find a main agent with whom you will be able to crush the enemies and pull multiple clutches.

If you are planning to play competitive then I suggest you play with your friends rather than playing with random because Randoms can be really toxic which can affect your gameplay and then you’ll again scratch your head thinking why is valorant so hard.

When playing with friends, you will have better coordination and voice coms which can get you better chances of winning.

At the end, thank you for reading, Why is Valorant so hard for New Players, visit Geeky Gene for more gaming related content.

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